Saturday, September 24, 2016

Making Daily Connections with Students

As educators, we know the importance of connecting with each student in our classroom on a daily basis.  It is the meaningful relationships we develop with students that make all the difference in the world. Just like we love to share, our students do even more. The beginning of each day sets the tone in our classrooms. 

I have struggled for years trying to find time as students come to school eager and excited to share the important events happening in their lives. I tried using class meetings, and Monday morning meetings where each child had the opportunity to share something about his/her weekend. 

Unfortunately, the reality is there truly isn't enough time in each day. With curriculum expectations, testing, and all the extras, I always seemed to run out of time. It wasn't fair to my students.

So True and Important - James Comer 

This year, I am trying something new that has been a huge success. I have created two separate areas in our classroom. One is "Weekend Highlights" and the second is our "Daily Updates".  Students simply stick a Post-it note to share what they did each evening and on the weekend.  It just takes a few minutes for me to read what each child shared. This gives me the opportunity throughout the day to acknowledge, connect, comment, question, and congratulate students on what is going on in their lives outside of school. As an added bonus, it is posted all day so their classmates can read what they are doing too. I love all the  connections students are making with each other.

On our Daily Update board each morning, students share what they did the evening before. Even if was was just having a relaxing evening reading a book. I have learned so much from each of my students in just a few short days. Students beam when they realize you are interested in what they're doing outside of the school day.  

Our Weekend Highlights give students the opportunity to share what they did over the weekend. It is such a positive way to begin a new week. Every student has a voice to share what is important and meaningful in his/her life.

Beth Morrow Sums it up Perfectly


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