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Leave Your Mark - International Dot Day

International Dot Day - +Peter Reynolds 
September 15th - ish
The Dot by Peter Reynolds is one of my favorite books. A simple act of kindness can change the lives of the children in our classroom who count on us each day to make a difference.  This picture book beautifully displays the importance of connecting with each child in our classroom. International Dot Day is an awesome way for your students to celebrate the difference they will make in the world and to harness their creativity.  There are so many fun and creative ways for students to celebrate their limitless possibilities. Our students all have the potential to soar, they just need someone who encourages and believes in them. What a great way to start the new school year! 

The Award Winning Book - The Dot by Peter Reynold's

This is an awesome video of Peter Reynolds reading The Dot. He also shares how he ended up creating the Dot

Ready Set Draw-ish - Peter Reynolds - THE DOT
My fourth graders loved this video of Peter Reynolds teaching them the importance of creativity and using your imagination!

The Dot by Peter Reynold's 

Fable Vision Learning - Free Posters to Celebrate Dot Day

The Dot Song by Emily Arrow and Peter Reynolds

Poster Creations "Our Mark on the World"
Students used Notability to create posters. Other apps like Glow Doodle or DoodleBuddy can be used too.

4th Graders "One Word"
Students decorated a dot and selected one word that described them.

Dots Come to Life

Student can color their own dot design, and make it come to life through the technology of augmented reality. It is simply amazing watching their artwork transformed into reality. The app and coloring page are both free.

Dot Day QuiverVision

Blog Posts
Leaving Our Mark on the World
So to celebrate last year, my fourth graders wrote blog posts on The Mark they Would Leave on the World.  They had so much fun, and it was a great learning opportunity. 
"My Mark on the World" Posts 2016

Kaleidoscope Dots
Students can create Kaleidoscope paintings using  Kaleidoscope Drawing Pad.  They can watch their amazing creation in "Movie" mode. You can upload the movie to Artisto -Video Editor app to create a more dynamic "Dot Day" video. 

Creating Braille Collages
Students can create a slide with their name written in Braille and include pictures that represent them and their interests. They can use Braille Bug to convert their names to braille.   Explain Everything is a great app to use for this project, because students can also record their Mark on the World.

Recording our Mark on the World
Students create a Dot in Notability or another app of their choice. They upload their Dot to ChatterPix. A mouth will be drawn on the dot and students can record themselves sharing the mark they will leave on the world.  Their recordings can be sent to iMovie to edit or sent right to YouTube.

Dot Structure Engineering Challenge

What better way to celebrate Dot Day by having students participate in a STEM activity using Dots. Instead of using gumdrops for the activity, simply substitute the activity with Dots.  Each group will need 10 Dots and 20 toothpicks. Students will create a "Dot" structure that can hold a textbook.
Gumdrop Structure Inquiry Challenge Lesson Plans and Activity

Additional Resources

Dot Day Response Activity - Teachers Pay Teachers

Inferring Activity - Teachers Pay Teachers

Response Sheet - Teachers Pay Teachers

I would love to hear how others are celebrating International Dot Day.
Our students are counting on us to Make a Difference!
Leaving Our Mark on the World Every Day

Jane Goodall

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