Sunday, April 10, 2016

Creating Poetry on the iPad

Creating Poetry on the iPad in an Elementary Classroom using Free Apps

Having students create and publish poetry is a great way to inspire young poets. There are some great free apps for students to use to help inspire their creativity and love for poetry. Students will be able to write, create, and share.
Structural Elements of Poetry "iPoet" Anchor Charts Teachers Pay Teachers
What is Poetry? Teachers Pay Teachers

Adobe Voice Tell Your Story  Adobe Voice is an awesome app for students to use to creatively showcase any type of poetry.  For my fourth graders, I created a classroom account.  It is simple and easy to use, and students can create and share their poetry in an animated video.  Beautiful backgrounds can be added to each slide.  Students can narrate their poems, and they can also add background music.

Haiku Poem - By International Reading Association This is a great app for students to create Haiku poems.  Haiku is a form of Japanese poetry.  Students can brainstorm of list of words with a specific syllables that can be included in their poem.  Haiku poems consist of three lines. The first and last lines have five syllables and the middle line has seven syllables. Students follow a simple format to create their poem.  Different backgrounds are offered so students can customize their poem prior to publishing. 

Diamante Poem By The International Reading Association  A diamante poem takes the shape of a diamond after it is written.  Students are successful with writing their poem since the app is set up for students to complete the blanks for each stanza as their create their poem.  

Acrostic Poem
Created by Read/Write/Think Acrostic Poem is a free and easy for students to use. Students spell out a particular word or phrase for each letter.  Colton used his first name and came up with words and phrases for each letter that describe him.

Theme Poem By ReadWrite Think  Students will learn how to write theme poems.  Students begin by brainstorming a list of words centering on the theme they selected.  Now they are ready to write their poem within the shape they selected.
Tutorial for Theme Poem

Haiku Deck  Haiku Deck is a great app for students to create poetry with beautiful pictures. Since Haiku Deck requires students to create an account, I just log them into one I created for our classroom.
12 Awesome Poetry Project Ideas for all Ages by Haiku Deck   
                                   Sports by Kael

Pic Collage  Using Pic Collage is easy and fun for our students to use. The possibilities are endless when using it to create poetry.  With different backgrounds, borders, and fonts your students will have fun creating any genre of poetry. Even better they can add a picture of themselves as draw one.

Prime Rhyme  Students can use this free app to create a list of words that rhyme.  Definitions of the words are also included.  Great to use for poetry writing, songs, or limericks.

For each word if you click on the arrow it will provide the definition for each word. 

Word Mover  By ReadWrite Think  With Word Mover, it allows your students to use word banks famous work already created. They can also new words to the list already generated.  I had my students create their own word banks for their poetry. Your students will be able to manipulate and move the text to creatively publish poetry. There are six different categories students may select.  There are also 12 backgrounds. 

ThingLink Earlier in the year my fourth graders created ThinkLinks to show their understanding and learning of figurative language.  We found that using the website on our iPads was more successful than the app.  It is a creative way for students to show their learning.  They have the ability to link text, pictures, and videos.

Seesaw It is important that we showcase the  poetry our students create.  My fourth graders put each poem they create  into Seesaw, which is a digital portfolio for students to showcase their work.  They also published their poetry into Kidblog. 

Poetry Resources
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Poetry Apps for Older Students 

Creating poetry has never been easier or more engaging for our students. I would love to hear how others are teaching and having students create poetry in 1:1 classrooms.

Ray Bradbur