Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Digital Citizenship Resources

As the beginning of a new school year approaches, we need to remember to include lessons on the importance of Digital Citizenship in our classrooms. As I begin my second year of being 1:1, I know this is important to incorporate. Listed below are sources that can be used to teach Digital Citizenship in the classroom.

Created by Sandy Liptak
Sandy Liptak's Post on Digital Citizenship

Common Sense Media Classroom Curriculum - Lessons promoting and encouraging digital literacy and citizenship. 

Digital Citizen Toolkits by Common Sense Media

Digital Compass - Where are you headed? Provided free from Common Sense Media. There is a video to show first.  Downloaded the Digital Compass App on students iPads.

Digital Citizenship Starter Kit from Edmodo and Common Sense Media

Classroom Posters Created from Common Sense Media

Digital Citizenship Poster for the Elementary Classroom by Common Sense Media

StaySafeOnline Learning about Online Safety

Webonauts Acdaemy sponsored by PBS for Kids helps teach students about safe online behavior. 

NetSmartzKids  Videos, Activities, and Games for Internet Safety 

BrainPOP Spotlight on Digital Citizenship

Five Videos to teach Digital Citizenship shared by Educational Teachnology and Mobile Learning

Professor Garfield Apps are free and developed by the Virginia Department of Education. They teach student about Cyberbullying, Online Safety and Fact and Opinion. Students read comic strips and play games to reinforce online behavior.

Safety Land was created by AT&T and made for elementary students.  After answer questions correctly about Internet safety in Safety Land, they catch a cyber criminal.

TeachersPayTeachers Digital Citizenship with Elementary Students

Websites for Safe Web Searches 

Safe Search for Kids - The Google Search Engine for Kids

KidsClick! Directory of websites created by librarians for kids. They can search by reading level, content, or picture.

KidzSearch It is a family friendly search engine for kids powered by Google.

Great Websites for Kids Association for Library Service to Children

KidRex This is a search engine for kids that was created by kids. It uses Google SafeSearch technology.

Ask Kids It is a search engine designed for students 6 to 12. School topics can be researched easily and safely.

Mymunka This search engine is specifically designed for kids.


YouTube Kids iOS for iPad and iPhone

I would love to hear how others are teaching Digital Citizenship in their classrooms.  Please feel free to comment on any resources you are using.

Monday, July 27, 2015

Global Read Aloud 2015 - Fish in a Tree

Global Read Aloud 2015
One Book to Connect the World 

+Pernille Ripp is the organizer and creator of The Global Read Aloud. After participating last year, I knew I couldn't miss this amazing global opportunity for my fourth graders. My students were so excited to read, write, and work collaboratively with other classrooms.

Last year we selected the book The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane. One classroom we connected with was Melissa Dowling's class from Sunnyvale, CA.  We read, Skyped, and blogged with our new friends from California while reading the book.  

4th Grader Natalie M. Created a Movie Trailer for our 2014 GRA

This year I selected Fish in a Tree written by Lynda Mullaly Hunt.  Being my second year participating, and the success from the previous year, I decided to collect some resources that may be helpful.

The Global Read Aloud will take place October 5th and ends November 13th
There is a breakdown for each book so you know what chapters to read each week. 

Sign up for the Global Read Aloud 2015

Global Read Aloud Frequently Asked Questions

Fish in a Tree

I purchased the book from Amazon.  

About the Author - Author's Website

I signed up to collaborate with other classrooms using Edumodo. It is new to me so I am excited to see how it will connect my students to other classrooms.

Twitter Hashtags

Global Read Aloud

Resources to Use with Fish in a Tree

Penguin's Classroom Classics -Making Connections - A Free Teacher's Guide to use with A Fish in a Tree.

LOVE this!!! Blog Post written by Lynda Mullaly Hunt on the launch of her book. Some awesome ideas and FIAT life-sized characters from the book. The cupcakes would also be a great way to start the GRA!

Classroom Connections by Caroline Starr Rose

The Nerdy Book Club - Who is Travis Nickerson from A Fish in a Tree?


Pinterest Page for Fish in a Tree

I look forward to my students connecting with others globally. I also plan to have my students create Movie Trailers for the book.  I also use Kidblog so my students are able to share their writing with a global audience. 

I will continue to add resources as they become available. I would love comments or other suggestions for the book.

Follow Pernille Ripp on Twitter @pernilleripp
Follow Lynda Mullaly Hunt @LynMullalyHunt

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Our Most Valuable Resource as Educators - Each Other

As I get ready to begin my 30th year in the education profession, I look back and reflect on the most valuable resource and gift we have as educators - Each Other.  It is so important that we collaborate, share, and work as a team.  We expect this from the students we have the privilege of teaching each day, so it is important we are being role models. They are observant and know when we are truly "Walking the Talk".

Author Unknown

I learned some of my most valuable lessons in my first few years of teaching.  I was blessed to begin my career in a building where three of the most amazing educators became my mentors and friends.  They were there for me each time I felt like I failed my students, (which was often) and cheered me on when successes were celebrated. They were my biggest advocates and loudest cheerleaders.  Never once did I feel like I was being judged for my failures or successes. It is not surprising that two became building administrators and the other the director of counseling services.

Robert John Meehan

As teachers, I feel sometimes we are often our own worse critics. Our job is more challenging than ever and many days are emotionally draining.  Do I feel the profession has changed over the years, honestly, at times my answer is "Yes". Teaching has never been about competing, judging others, or talking negatively behind each others' backs. Involving parents in these conversations is also not what our profession is about.  I realize we are all different, and we may not be "friends" with all our colleagues, but I believe there needs to be mutual respect, kindness, and professionalism.  

Dave Willis

Let's be there to listen, support, and encourage one another.  Not only for our students, but for each other. As Learners Together...

Accept Differences
Empower Each Other
Relationships (What Teaching is all About) 

I am excited as I begin my journey into another school year. As Rita Pierson stated in her TED Talk "Is this job tough? You betcha! Oh God, you betcha. But it is not impossible. We can do this. We're educators. We're born to make a difference."  

Celebrate Each Other
Edmunds Lee

Be There for Each Other 
Nelson Mandela

Take Chances Together
Author Unknown

Celebrate Differences

Laugh Together and Enjoy the Moment 
Ralph Waldo Emerson

My tech coach +Ann Feldmann sums it up perfectly! #BetterTogether