Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Quizalize: Engaging Quiz Game for Students

Quizalize is an engaging quiz game for students and a great way for educators to collect personalized formative data. It is made for teachers by teachers. What's even better, it is free!

It is simple and easy to use. After you sign up for your free account, you are ready to start creating quizzes. When you create questions you have the option of turning on Math Mode and add Images. You also select the amount of time students can spend on each question.You can select from 5 to 20 seconds.

Once the quiz is created, now the fun begins.  Select the quiz you want your class to play and click on Play as a Class. 

You also have the option to set the quiz as a homework assignment. Students can take the quiz at any time as long as they have the access code. 

When you play as a class it is easy and engaging for students.  All students have to do is go to quiz.al on their iPad or any devise and type in the code.  I make sure my students use their name when prompted so I can track their progress.

Student work at their own pace, but time limits are set on each question. 

I love how students receive immediate feedback after answering each question. As teachers walk around the room, they are also receiving real-time feedback.

The formative data collected is invaluable.  Once you click Open Game it lists which students struggled and which students have mastered the concepts. You can also click on each individual student's name and it lists what questions they answered correctly and specific questions missed. Below is data from a student in my room. This data makes it easy to see what needs to be retaught.

Another great feature is that is it gives teacher feedback on the questions students struggled with most.  This is great data so teachers have the opportunity to pull small groups or reteach the entire class on a specific concept.

After students complete their quiz, they are given data on how they performed.  They can go back and review each question.  

You also have the opportunity to search topics in the Marketplace and play games already created. Teacher have the opportunity to create a quiz and charge others to get/play the game they created.

If you want to charge others to use your quiz, it is simple to create.  You simply go to "Your Apps" on the dashboard and create one.  

My students are not only engaged in this game-based quiz to review content, but the information gathered makes it easy to remediate and enrich the curriculum. It individualizes student's strengths and weaknesses. Since it is web based it can be used on any device.

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