Sunday, November 22, 2015

Hour of Code and Box Island

With the Hour of Code 2015 right around the corner excitement and anticipation fills the air.  There are some great new online tutorials for Hour of Code. Who wouldn't be excited about the addition of Minecraft and Star Wars? Now a new free app by Radiant Games has been added to the Hour of Code - Box Island: One Hour of Coding.

This summer, I taught a Coding Class and wrote a post that featured the apps and sites we used. Box Island will definitely be added to my coding resources. 

The purpose of Box Island is to guide the character Hiro to collect clocks in different settings.  The 20 levels are all in 3D and the graphics are amazing, which will be engaging for students. Students will be challenged and learn the basics of coding with the use of algorithms, loops, and conditionals as they continue through each level. 

They have included a Curriculum Guide, Lesson Plans, and a Solution Guide for classroom teachers to use with students.

Movie Trailer for Box Island

What do my Fourth Graders think?

Kenzie - "I think Box Island is challenging, awesome, and hard.  I think it's challenging because there are laser boxes and wood boxes.  I think it's awesome because you learn. It's hard because they add new skills at at different levels.

Steven - "It is very challenging and when you have success it feels great. Box Island includes problem solving and higher level thinking. I love playing it!"

Amy - "I think that Box Island is great! I love the 3-D presentation and how you can look at it from a different perspective. It is very hard and challenging."

Derek - "I think Box Island is challenging and fun. The 3-D graphics are amazing and makes it pop-out more! Every time you complete a level you feel great. There are 20 levels. You can skip a level and come back to it."

Kael - "Box Island is a great and challenging coding game that makes you feel great when you succeed. I love the graphics, shapes, and problems you have to work though. It is a five star game."

Cailyn - "I think Box Island is challenging and fun. You put your mind to work. You learn how to program and solve problems."

Audrey - "I think that Box Island is very tricky. It requires problem solving and higher level thinking. You can easily get stuck on a level. Box Island if fun, but challenging."

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