Monday, September 4, 2017

Parody Writing with a Techie Twist

My fourth graders recently wrote parodies for our writing genre of the week. They creatively shared their leaning with a techie twist.  They learned a parody is often humorous, entertaining, and exaggerated.  It is an imitation of the original style/work of a particular author, artist, or genre. 

Students created a Mind Map using Popplet to review the Key Features of a Parody

We then discussed music parodies. We watched "What Does a Fox Say?", which is a favorite of elementary students.  

Then we watched how it was turned into a parody by Spicer Elementary staff and students. "What Does the Test Say?"  It is a perfect example, which had us all laughing and moving to the music. 

To continue our understanding, we read familiar stories that were turned into parodies. Our fourth grade team read funny parody nursery rhymes from Mary Had a Little Jam written by Bruce Lansky.  There were a lot of laughs as we shared the rhymes. Students made an instant connection.

Excitement filled the air as students began writing their own parodies from their favorite nursery rhyme.  After writing the parody, students illustrated the nursery rhyme.  Students  created pictures on the iPad using Doodle Buddy and ScreenChomp. Some simply drew the picture. 

Let the fun and creativity begin. Students uploaded the picture into ChatterPix and recorded the parody they created from their favorite nursery rhyme.  Once again, laughter and smiles filled the air as they watched the video they created. After recording, they sent the ChatterPix parodies they created to Seesaw, which is their year-long digital portfolio.

Haven's Parody of Humpty Dumpty

Jakes's Parody of Hickory Dickory Dock

 Not only did students have a great time viewing each others' parodies, but their parents also enjoyed their creations. Students loved the comments from their parents and classmates.

Additional Resources

How to Write a Silly Song Parody Ken Nesbitt's Poetry for Kids
Parody Song Lyric Writing Worksheet - Teachers Pay Teachers - Free 
Parodies for Learning - Teachers Pay Teachers - $3.00

I would love to hear how others are teaching writing with a Techie Twist!

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