Friday, January 27, 2017

Celebrating the 100th Day of School with a Techie Twist

The 100th day of school has arrived, and it's time for my fourth graders to celebrate. What better way to celebrate our 100th day, than to add a techie twist. 

Each student has the AgingBooth app and ChatterPix on his/her iPad. I prefer to use ChatterPix, but there is ChatterPix Kids, which  can also be used too. Yes, both apps are free!

Students took a picture on AgingBooth and had fun adding features to make themselves

look ancient. (A quote from one of my students.)  It is quick and easy for students to add features to age. 

From wrinkles to gray hair, they instantly looked older. Perhaps close to 100?!  After students finished, they saved the picture to their camera roll.

Then, they opened ChatterPix and imported the picture. Now comes more fun and laughs. They drew a line where they wanted their mouth to be animated and speak. You have thirty minutes to record on ChatterPix, so you may need to use iMovie if the recording is longer. After more giggles, they recorded what they thought they may be doing when they're 100 year olds. Students can also add backgrounds, stickers. or text to their picture on ChatterPix.

After they completed the video, they sent it to their digital portfolio in Seesaw. They also wrote blog posts on Kidblog about being 100 years old, and added the video they created.



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