Saturday, January 17, 2015

Students Favorite Free Apps to Show their Learning

Students showing their learning in creative ways is what teaching is all about.  Here are some of my students' favorite apps that are free to "Show what they Know"!



Students can show their learning by creating talking pictures. Students have the ability to bring stories to life. All you have to do is upload your image, draw a mouth where you want it, and record. 

Showing our Learning - Reading Comprehension Skill 
and our Science Essential Objective

                                                                         Shadow Puppet Edu

Shadow Puppet is a another app that my students love to use.  It is a digital story telling app.  My fourth graders use it in all curricular areas. There is an integrated search tool where students can find pictures from the Library of Congress.  All you have to do is pick photos from any album including your camera roll. You have the ability to drop and drag to reorder your project. Record your audio voice to create your story.  You can also add background music to your story  Students can share their projects in a variety of ways.  My fourth graders like to send their stories to iMovie and then export to YouTube.  This is one of their favorite apps to explain their learning. 

Shadow Puppet Tutorial

Students can create, explain, and share demonstrations of their learning in any subject area.  They can create videos showing the concepts they are learning.

Doceri is an interactive whiteboard for the iPad.  It is great way to evaluate students' understanding  of curriculum concepts.  Students share their knowledge of our district essential objectives and state standards.  How to use Doceri with the iPad.

Launchpad Toy Creators of Toontastic has recently become free and one that my students love. It is a wonderful Story Telling app that is easy for students to use. I recently wrote a post on how we are using it in all curricular areas.

The Declaration of Independence

Writing Genre-Adventure Story

30hands is another great app that students can use to create and show what they know! It is a story telling app, and students can create presentations in any subject area. All students need to do to create a basic slideshow is to import pictures from their camera roll. You then press the record button under each image to narrate your presentation. Students also have the ability to draw images instead of importing pictures.  When projects are complete they are saved on the iPad. To finish off their presentations, my students like to send their project to iMovie.
Example of how we used 30hands with our Reading Focus Skill - Summarizing


Let's not forget about Kidblog!  Kidblog is a great way to showcase students' learning in all curricular areas.  Students not only practice their writing skills, but they can reflect on their learning, connect with other classrooms from all over the world, and create a portfolio of their writing.  My fourth graders would love comments on their posts. 
Mrs. Evon's Fourth Grade Kidblog Site

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