Saturday, March 1, 2014

Our Verse...a Week of "Firsts"

A while back I remember +Brent Catlett shared the iPad Air commercial "What will your verse be?"  At the time I didn't think much about it, but recently this has become one of my all time favorite commercials!  It really has nothing to do with the iPad Air itself, but with what "verse" will the students I teach create?

This week my students and I the opportunity of many "firsts". Each of my student's is creating his/her own verse on a daily basis.  Recently "my verse" has changed dramatically with the opportunities my students now have at their fingertips.

Adam Bellow and eduClipper
One of our "firsts" this week was due to +Brent Catlett   organizing a Google Hangout with Adam Bellow.   Mrs. Manning, Mr. Sims, Mrs. Boyce, Mrs. Geldes, and Mr. Toelle where also part of our GOH.   I don't know who was more excited!   Prior to the GHO, I had my students come up with questions they would like to ask Mr. Bellow about himself and eduCippper.  You can find their questions on our Kidblog site!

Thanks to Mr. Bellow and all the students who had the opportunity to ask questions.  As students were talking, Mr. Bellow was listening to student feedback, asking students what they thought, while taking notes about what they shared. He is an inspiration to all of us.  Collaboration, teamwork, diligence, and hard work were all emphasized.  My students were intrigued by the fact that he started coding in the third grade.  Mr. Bellow also shared some of the great changes coming soon to eduClipper.  As he shared there were a lot of oohs and ahhs heard throughout the room!

Our classroom is currently using eduClipper to create a  portfolio of what we are learning in third grade.

Our Google Hangout with Mr. Bellow

Third Graders using eduClipper in the Classroom

 One of the highlights of  the day came when coach +Ann Feldmann was working with my students as  they were putting their screenshot of Google Earth and Skitch from our Mystery Hangout into eduClipper.  Aiden was beyond ecstatic when he found out Adam Bellow liked his Benjamin Franklin post that he had put in his social studies folder on eduClipper.

Thank you Mr. Bellow and +Brent Catlett for an experience of a lifetime for my students and myself!

Stick Around

 Students now have the opportunity to use one of my favorite apps Stick Around created by Tony Vincent.  Thanks to our district techs who realized it will help enhance student learning and engagement!   Even though my third graders have been using the app only a few days, they love it!

At first, I thought I would be the one creating the puzzles that tie in with our district curriculum, but I was completely wrong!  My third graders wanted to create puzzles for each other to Let the Learning Begin!!  Our language skill for the week was Main Verbs and Helping Verbs, so that was their assignment.   I gave them few instructions and once again I was impressed that they figured it out much quicker than I did!

I know there are some wonderful updates coming to Stick Around in the near future!

My third graders and I are hoping there is a Google Hangout with Mr. Vincent in our near future!

 My third graders creating, designing, sharing, and learnnig with Stick Around

Mystery Skype - Mystery Hangout

Another "first" for us was a Mystery Skype with Robert Tellgren's third grade class.  Thanks coach +Ann Feldmann for being there to help!  At our last iPad Academy +Brent Catlett shared some information about Mystery Hangouts with me.  So prior to beginning, we had to

We also had to assign jobs for our first Mystery Hangout
Mystery Hangout Jobs 

Up next first Mystery Hangout via Skype!  Photographs thanks to Kenzie and Heather!

 We were excited when we finally figured out our Mystery Class was right across the river in Council Bluff!  

After our Mystery Skype, we weren't finished yet!  Time to do some app smashing with Google Earth and Skitch!  We asked our new third grade friends what school they attended and what historical landmarks are found in Council Bluffs.  After they shared their information, coach  +Ann Feldmann  took us flying to Council Bluffs via Google Earth...that is after everyone found their house and where they lived!  We visited their school, the General Dodge House, Lincoln Monument, and the Ruth Ann Dodge Memorial, also know as the "Black Angel".  

Here is another great site I found to help with classes interested in Mystery Hangouts or Mystery Skypes.   Blogging through the Fourth Dimension and You Want to Mystery Skype

I couldn't be prouder of my Third Grade Team as we continue to create a new verse each day!
Here is our verse.....

I am so thankful I started Twitter months ago, even though I was hesitant.   I have learned so much not only from the colleagues I work with in my district, but also from educators from all over the world!  I am always open for any suggestions or new ideas.

Thanks so much to our district tech coaches as I continue to learn along with my third graders each day! +Ann Feldmann +Brent Catlett +Jennifer Krzystowczyk

My third graders and I look forward to sharing our next adventure as we continue to iPaddle through third grade! 

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