Saturday, January 18, 2014

Preparing for our iPaded Classroom

As our third grade classroom embarks on our new journey I thought it was important to set up the groundwork prior to actually getting the iPads.
One of the first things my third grade team did was come up with some iWill iPad Rules!  We want to make sure we are responsible and take care of our new learning tools.  Here is what my team came up with for our iPad iWill Constitution.

After creating our iPad Constitution as a class, each member of our third grade team signed a license stating they will be responsible for their iPad.

Our iPad charging station is up and ready to go!  All our third grade team is patiently waiting for is our iPad Airs!  Should be arriving this week!

Setting up our fancy charging station!

All equipment accounted for!

Power Strips Ready

Ready for Action!

Next up....How will my iPad enrich my learning experience as a third grader?

Our iPads finally arrived!  Getting them charged up and ready to use!

Can you tell we are a little excited?