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Guided Math in an iPad Classroom

Just like guided reading, it is vital that we individualize and differentiate our math instruction on a daily basis.  Another important factor is that it ties in with state standards as well as district curriculum.  The Bellevue Public Schools use the Pearson Math Series.

Puffin AcademyStudents use Puffin Academy to access the Pearson Math Site on their iPads.  They are able to watch the videos and take the topic tests as well as other tests from the Pearson Site. They have access to their book online.  They also have learning activities available to reteach and enrich math skills and concepts.  I also have the ability to assign a "To Do" list for students that tie in directly with our curriculum. 

To start off math in our 1:1 classroom I have created courses for each topic using iTunesU.
Students have a daily math spiral and problem of the day for each lesson.  After opening their assignments in iTunesU, students export their work to Notability.  After their work is completed, we then check the spiral and problem of the day using Reflector, where students airplay their work and explain how they solved each problem.  Accountability is 100%, because students never know who will be selected to share their work.  I use GroupMaker to select students. When completed, students send their work to Google Drive for their parents to view at home.
Reflector in the Classroom
Google Workflow with GClassFolders - Tutorial by MickieMueller 

Flipped math lessons have become common for our third grade team.  Students explaining and showing what they are learning in math is the key to application, understanding, and retention. There are so many great apps to use for a flipped math lesson that tie in with our district curriculum!

"Showing What they Know"       

Using Educreations for a flipped math lesson on Customary Measurement

Third graders flipping over math! Students used Notability and Screen Chomp to show what they know about adding and subtracting money!

Bloom's Taxonomy
For a 1:1 iPad Math Menu, I started using Bloom's Taxonomy where I have included the apps my third graders are currently using. Many of the apps can be used on different levels of the Taxonomy.  This can be used to differentiate, individualize instruction, and flip a math lesson.  Some apps have similar features, and that is why it is so important to give students a voice and a choice to "Show What they Know"! The 1:1 iPad Menu can be modified and changed as needed.

Here is a link where you can view and then edit the  
1:1 Math Menu as needed.

Apps we use for Remembering 

The Math Splash App assists students with math skills. Gives them practice with multiplication and division. Great app for practicing concepts that tie in with district curriculum.  Splash Math is available Kindergarten - Fifth Grade.
Fun Math Practice with Spash Math that is Common Core aligned by +Erin Klein  

This app is very engaging, and students find it challenging.  It reinforces addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division facts.

Reinforces Time Tables and Arithmetic Facts

Helps students develop Algebraic Reasoning

This app is available for addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.  In third grade, we are just using the multiplication and division app.

 Math Monsters-Bingo
Helps students practice their addition, 
subtraction, multiplication, and division facts. 
Math Monsters-Bingo 


 Sushi Monster
This app is a free app through Scholastic.  It helps student practice math fluency.
  Free Technology for Teachers-by Richard Byrne 

We have used this app while working on our geometry unit. Slice It focuses on spatial reasoning, geometry and fractions. This app really challenges my high ability students.


Front Row  My students use Front Row on their iPads throughout the week.  Not only does it differentiate instruction, but it ties in with our district curriculum, and is aligned with Common Core. Students can use it at home. Even though iTunes says that Front Row costs $34.99 for all the domains, they will send you an email so all the domains can be unlocked for free.

A colleague of mine +Garrett Sims wrote a fantastic post about Front Row.  Garrett Sim's post of Front Row.

It is great to use for individualized and differentiation of math instruction. My high ability students find Khan Academy very challenging. Teachers can assign students specific content to work on that ties in directly with district curriculum.  My students love to use it at home too!

 This is a free and easy app to use to assess math skills.  They can review math skills and teachers  to set up quizzes or reviews.  Students are engaged while they are learning.  Tutorial on Quizlet vocabulary through flashcards.  They can takteachers  to set up quizzes or reviews.  Students are engaged while they are learning.  Tutorial on Quizlet


Students can create, explain, and share demonstrations.

Keynote is an app we use frequently because we can apply
what we are learning and what we know.  We also use Keynote when we app smash!

Students can create diagrams of math concepts and then label their work.



Students use this app when they Mind Map new math concepts.  

We started using Dream-X which is similar to Popplet. My students used Dream-X to create a mind map for factor trees in multiplication.

This is one of our go-to apps for all curricular areas!  We use it to analyze and explain what we know.  It can be used in other levels of Bloom's Taxonomy.  Recently, my third graders used Explain Everything at conferences to share a math concept with their parents.
             Tutorial on Explain Everything

We use Notability on a daily basis when problem solving.  Students support all their answers with evidence.  They are able to break down each problem they are solving.


My third grade team just started using Ask3.  I love how students can ask each other questions through a written message or a video conversation.  Students are able to share their knowledge and also collaborate with each other.

My third graders recently used Doceri with our unit on Perimeter, Area, and Volume.   It is an interactive whiteboard for the iPad.  It is great to evaluate students' understanding  of math concepts.  Students shared their knowledge of area and perimeter and then sent their presentations to iMovie and then to YouTube.

Students use Pic Collage and then app smash to ThingLink!  Students can create and share what they are learning.
Students are able to dig dipper into math concepts as they create.
ThingLink Blog



Stick Around  
One of are all time favorite apps in third grade is Stick Around created by +Tony Vincent.  We have created puzzles that tie in with our math curriculum.  What I have discovered is that my students create more engaging and challenging puzzles than I do.  They love solving each others puzzles that have been created. One of our tech coaches +Brent Catlett just wrote an excellent post on Stick Around! 

Students are able to create and share what they know! Students have created video lessons on Educreations showing what they have learned.

Another great app that students can use to create and show what they know!

Let's not forget the importance of our students learning how to Code! My students are hooked on coding!

 Codeacademy was fairly simple for my third graders, and they worked their way through it quickly!  A great start to coding. 

 My students love this, but after they completed the basic level they couldn't go any further.   Other adventures and puzzles are available with in-app purchases.

My students all time favorite is Hopscotch!
Students find it very challenging and engaging!

We love eduClipper created by +Adam Bellow!  My students  send their work to Google Drive for their parents to view at home, but they want a global audience too!  One thing my students do in all curricular areas is add their work to eduClipper when they are finished.  They have folders that reflect our district curriculum where they add their work.  My third graders are using this as a portfolio of their learning! My students have started to use the recording feature on a lot of their clips.

I believe I have said this on each post, but I am in awe of my third graders and what they are learning and achieving on a daily basis!  Just 10 weeks of being a 1:1, and they are soaring!  Our 1:1 model in the Bellevue Public Schools has made this possible, and it is simply the best! Our tech coaches +Ann Feldmann +Brent Catlett and +Jennifer Krzystowczyk are an inspiration to our students and all of us who are fortunate enough to be part of the iPadAcademy! It is all about best practices and 21st century learning for each individual student we connect with on a daily basis!  As educators, it is what is best for the students who count on us each day to give them the best learning opportunities for their individual needs.  It comes down to what is best for our students!

21st Century Math at its Best!  Individualized and differentiation of instruction as well as 100% student engagement!
Thanks +Tony Vincent for creating this image! 
This is so true, and it is happening in my classroom on a daily basis!

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